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IIÖ Insitut für Immobilienökonomie


The IIÖ has established a strong commitment to the research field of sustainability in the real estate sector, especially by his founder Prof. Dr. Sven Bienert MRICS REV. Prof. Bienert is also Head of the International Real Estate Business School (IRE|BS) at the University of Regensburg, one of Europe’s largest centres for real estate research and education. In the research area, the IIÖ-team has already carried out a substantial number of findings on a real estate company, portfolio, as well as individual property level. Successful participations in EU and national research projects as well as awards and several prizes and best paper awards on sustainability, real estate and risk issues are the results of a strong commitment. Especially the field of risk assessment in an upside and downside way played allays an important role to force sustainability and energy efficiency investments. The awareness of the stakeholder is key and can only be created by showing the potential risks of




IIÖ Insitut für Immobilienökonomie
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