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ELO Mobility is a start-up from Berlin working on innovative, emission-free mobility solutions specialized in hydrogen fuel cell drives and fleet management systems in the field of commercial vehicles. In addition to self-build vehicles, ELO Mobility offers retrofit solutions and converts existing vehicles with combustion engines into the latest generation of climate-friendly hydrogen buses. ELO Mobility sees itself as
a solution provider and enabler for emission-free fleets. Further innovation targets are the optimization of fleet use through decentralized supply systems for green hydrogen, as well as the development of hydrogen drones for long-distance usage. ELO Mobility’s Lower Saxony branch operates since 2020. Under the ViridisH2 Südniedersachsen project funded by the BMBF, the company is developing a concept in cooperation with the University of Göttingen and the Südniedersachsenstiftung to establish a green hydrogen value chain for the mobility sector.

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