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SUNEX Power Project is projected to produce approx. $2.0 million USD Income annually

21. März 2012, 13:35

SUNEX Power Project is projected to produce approx. $2.0 million USD Income annually

SUNEX ENERGY CORP (FRANKFURT: 9SX). Doing business as SolRwind, Sunex is an emerging North American Energy service provider, reported today that it has completed its negotiations for a POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT (PPA) with DAIRYLAND POWER .(www.dairynet.com)

SUNEX is pleased to announce that this Power Project is projected to produce approx. $2.0 million USD in Pretax Income annually.

A spokesperson for SUNEX said that, We are delighted with the imminent signing of the Power Purchase Agreement with Dairyland Power”.

The Solar Farm having to do with this Agreement is located 7 miles north of Savanna Illinois, USA. This 7 Megawatt farm should generate approx 11,750,000 kilowatts of energy annually generating significant pre tax Income. We are hopeful that this will be the first of several such agreements the company will have the opportunity to execute”

SUNEX ENERGY Corp. is a public Corporation formed for the purpose of becoming a North American Energy Service provider. The focus of the company is to address the energy needs of mid to small urban and rural applications utilizing Solar systems including Horizontal and vertical Axis wind turbines worldwide. Shares of Sunex Energy Corp are traded on the Open Market Segment of the Frankfurt Exchange. A public offering of Sunex Energy Corp shares was not made in connection with their inclusion on the Open Market Frankfurt.



This press release contains FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS” within the meaning of The Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements in this release are forward-looking statements based on current expectations and assumptions that are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, or other factors which may cause actual results, performance, or achievements of the company to be materially different from any future results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forward looking statements.

Actual results could differ materially because of the factors such as the effect of general economic and market conditions, entry into markets with vigorous competition, market acceptance of new products and services, continued acceptance of existing product and services, technological shifts, and delays in product development and related product release schedules, any of which may cause revenues and income to fall short of anticipated levels. All information in this release is as of the date of this release. The company undertakes no duty to update any forward looking statement to conform the statement to the actual results or changes in the companys expectation.

For further information on SUNEX ENERGY CORP, visit the company web site at www.sunex-energy.co

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