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Topmac Holdings PLC t/a AURUMEX Signs Letters Of Intent

03. Januar 2011, 12:25

Topmac Holdings PLC t/a AURUMEX Signs Letters Of Intent

London, UK, 03.01. 2011 -- Topmac Holdings PLC t/a AURUMEX (trading on The Frankfurt Exchange WKN: A1CX2W Symbol: LP7) today announced changes to the board of directors; at a meeting of the majority of shareholder, Bernardo Vergara was elected President replacing Peter NcNichol and Garth Jensen was elected CFO and director replacing Nicholas Topp. It was further approved that the company will seek to develop its holdings in the Mining Industry through various Joint Venture opportunities offer to the company.

AURUMEX is pleased to announce that it has entered into Letters of intent for the joint venture development of several promising mining properties. Two of which are located in Mexico and three located in the USA in the State of Montana.

The company has sent representatives to Mexico to inspect the claims and take ore samples for our independent assays. Company representatives have also been deployed to Montana to conduct general due-diligence on the three proposed joint ventures located there. Reports will be made available on the company website in early January 2011.

Full descriptions of the claims, property and mining related joint ventures will be available on the company website www.topmac.eu under Investors Relations.

Preliminary studies and testing indicates that these properties are commercially viable mines needing only the capital investment for infrastructure and equipment to allow production.

AURUMEX will undertake on a best efforts basis to provide the working capital for these projects.

I feel that the development potential of the properties through the joint venture operating proposals will add a new dimension to the overall strategy of the company , I am excited about the properties and the companys development plans,” said the President, Topmac Holdings PLC.

About Topmac:

Topmac Holdings PLC is an internationally-focused, independent investment firm trading on the Frankfurt stock exchange (LP7). Its core areas of business are investments & corporate finance. In the area of investment, a value-oriented investment portfolio with an innovative investment approach is managed by experienced capital market experts. As a partner for the medium-sized economy Topmac offers enterprises from industry, trade and the service sector the complete product range of equity and equity related funding. A broad know-how in the management allows concentrating on a variety of business areas. These include promising areas such as development and distribution of software, as well as participation in the real estate market and the Mining Industry. In the future, the company will further explore new business fields.

Topmac Holdings PLC
Durham Tees Valley Business Centre
Primrose Hill Industrial Estate
Orde Wingate Way
Stockton On Tees TS16 0GA, Great Britain
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