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European Artists Going Live (EAGL)


The EAGL gallery year 2012 begins quadratically

06. Januar 2012, 15:23

Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, El Salvador, UK, Russia,.........artist from different countries will display their square sized artworks at the EAGL gallery.

From 4. Febuary til 31. March 2012 the EAGL quadriART takes place at Kantstraße 87a, 10627 Berlin. From many smaller square sized works made by different artists a large square artwork will be made. Not only the nationalities could be more different, but also the artistic styles, materials and colours.
„The most exciting thing about the quadriART are the different moods, themes, styles and materials. To combine all this, making one work out of it and giving the exhibition one whole concept, that´s like making a separate artwork again!”, so the organizers Jennifer Spruß and Anja Schneider, artists and gallery owners of the EAGL gallery. 100 works of 60 artists find so together in the EAGL gallery.

At the Vernissage on Saturday, 4. February 2012 the in Berlin and New York living, soprano Wiltrud Weber sings from 7 p.m. songs from her new CD “Blue and Deep” and combines Klassic and Jazz with her vibrant voice. www.wiltrudweber.com

The wonderful Trio consisting of Julia Fiebelkorn, Susanne Duchstein and Yvonne Panten with a saxophone and bass combined with the great jazz-singer Gabriele Raik. This configuration creates minimal music and sounds structures at the Midissage on Friday, 02. March 2012 from 8 p.m., which leads the listener from dreamy moods through sound stories of distant lands. www.gabriele-raik.com.

The ending of the quadriART is crowned with an auction. Seleced artworks will be autioned to reasonable prices. At the EAGL gallery each artists is responsible for the pricing. The auction is musically supported by “one man with his guitar”, rock the Finissage with Dominik Damke on Saturday, 31. March from 8 p.m.

Who would like to visit the EAGL quadriART out of the events is cordially invited for visit at the opening times (exept on Wednesday/Sunday/german public holidays) from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.. You can find the EAGL gallery at Kantstraße 87a, 10627 Berlin (near the District Court / S-Station Charlottenburg / Bus M49 or X34 Amtsgerichtsplatz)

The EAGL gallery in berlin charlottenburg as a part project of the Gemeinnützigen European Artists Going Live (EAGL) UG (haftungsbeschränkt) opened just in September 2011 it´s doors. All the more the gallery owners are happy that the gallery is such well received by international artists ans art-lovers with it´s classic but nevertheless innovative concepts.
Organizers of the EAGL quadriART 2012 as well as the coming BAGL SPRINGtime 2012 is the Gemeinnützige EAGL UG (haftungsbeschränkt).