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European Artists Going Live (EAGL)


Stutti - Atelier – Parcours 2011 Open studios at Stuttgarter Platz in Berlin-Charlottenburg

23. November 2011, 21:51

Discover and experience: 27 visual artists in 21 studios and workshops

Saturday: 12/3/11•noon to 9:00PM
Sunday: 12/4/11 /•noon to 9:00PM

27 artists will open their studios around the Stuttgarter Platz, Berlin!•
You will get a vivid impression of their artistry, through their work and their space.

Experience the beauty of art up close!
The artists are happy to meet you and talk to you about their art making. You can either just enjoy the art or acquire an original piece of art in the space where it was made. 

Whether you are an art lover or a collector, everyone will find that the Stutti-studio-tour is a treasure trove that boasts a surprising variety of visual arts at a high level.

Discover various forms of painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, assemblage, photography, object art, printing and design.

You can find flyers with program details, a road map and an address list of participants on flyers in every restaurant, cafe or shop around the Stuttgarter Platz.

In addition there are posters at every entrance of every building where participating artist's studios are located.
Désirée Angersbach offers guided tours daily from noon to 3PM.
Desiree will guide you to various studios and provide information about the participating artists and their work. She will also introduce you personally to the artists.
Please RSVP with Desiree: (0173) 297-2997.
Space is limited. Donations are appreciated.
Meeting-point: Atelier Angersbach, Stuttgarter Platz 15, 10627 Berlin, entrance in backyard, left side, forth floor (no elevator).
Additional program information:

Saturday, 12/3/11 at 3PM:•
Bianca Döring reads her nonsense lyrics and dime novels at gallery EAGL, Kantstr.87a, 10627 Berlin

Sunday, 4/12/2/11 at 3PM:•
Karin Küting reads her short stories and poetry at the studio of Nicole Montéran, Rönnestr. 7, 14057 Berlin, VH, 4th floor

Sunday 04/12/2011 at 7PM:•
Stutti-Atelier-Parcours closing party at gallery EAGL, Kantstr.87a, 10627 Berlin.
At the party, at 8PM:
Bianca Doering sings the aria Dalila, from the opera Samson and Dalila.

The Project: Stutti – Atelier -Parcours, is the first of its kind, at the Stuttgarter Platz, and was initiated and organized by the performing and visual artist, Désirée Angersbach.
It is sponserd by the Department of Culture, district Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf of Berlin. The event is supported by the EAGL gallery and the gallery owners Jennifer Spruß and Anja Schneider. (EAGL Gallery: www.bagl-artists.de)

The participating artists are:

Andrea Amelung: www.artvonamelung.com•/•Désirée Angersbach: http://kunst-im.klausenerplatz-kiez.de/inhalt/desiree_angersbach.php•/ Magdalena Aufhauser-Roehrig / Christa Azzola: www.glipta.de•/•Heide Barthelmie: www.HeideBarthelmie.de•/ Lutz Brandt: www.lutz-brandt-art.de•/•Ranko Dakik: www.dak-art.de•/•Bianca Döring: www.biancadoering.de•/•Paolo Faussone: www.faussone.com•/•Antonio Finelli: www.antoniofinelli.it•/ Shadi Ganz: www.ShadiGanz.com•/•Vera Jungbluth•/•
Maya Kempe•/•Andrzej Koston: www.koston.de•/•Carsten Kühn: www.carsten-kuehn.net•/•Max Mahlow: www.maxmahlowmalerei.de•/•Elisabeth Massalme: www.Kunstgalerie-Massalme.com / Nicole Montéran: www.nicole-monteran.com•/•Nina Neumaier: www.nina-neumaier.de•/•Roxane Pieper•/ Joachim Schmettau: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joachim_Schmettau•/ Mathilde Schnee•/
Dorothea Schutsch: www.schutsch.de•/•Brigitte Lilli Sperling: www.brigitte-sperling.de•/•Harald Staedecke: www.nutzlose-kunst.de•/•Andrea Steiner•/•Susanne Wehland: www.nicolai-verlag.de/menschenbilder-p-298.html

Désirée Angersbach,
Organizer of Stutti- Atelier- Parcours
contact: (0173) 297-2997